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Accidents can happen, and when you spend most of your day at work, it’s likely to occur there. Jobs that involve heavy machinery, construction equipment or harmful chemicals are more likely to have the occasional accident. If you’re injured, however, you deserve compensation to cover your medical costs. Although workers' compenstation insurers are required to cover medical bills for the job injuries, not all employers or insurers are ready and willing. That’s why we’re here. Call our office today and let us help you get the care you need.

How to Get Workers’ Compensation

Getting workers’ compensation can be tricky if your employer or insurer puts up a fight, which is why we recommend you talk to an an attorney who knows the system. There are many issues and pitfalls in the worker’s compensation system. If you have injured yourself, don’t compound your injury by falling victim to a system that you know nothing about.

Report Your Injury to Your Supervisor

The best thing to do when you’re injured on the job is tell your supervisor. Immediate communication can help to get your claim accepted. Tell your employer, fill out a Notice of Injury form, and ask for your own copy of it.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Some people avoid seeking medical care, believing that they’ll recover in a few days on their own. However, Nevada law states that in order to qualify for workers’ compensation, your injuries must be cared for by a medical professional within a specific time frame.

Ask For a Copy of Your C-4 Form

While at the doctor’s office, request a copy of your C-4 Form. This is a form that tells you what the doctor has diagnosed you with. It will also tell you if your injuries will prevent you from completing your normal work responsibilities. Finally, it indicates whether or not the doctor feels that your injury is work related.

Contact Our Office

Even if your worker's compensation claim is accepted, you should seek legal advice and representation, as there are several issues that can pop up during your claim, such as:
  • Which body parts are accepted?
  • Which body parts and conditions are being denied?
  • Can I choose my own doctor?
  • What if the insurance company claims I have a pre-existing condition and they are not willing to cover it? Can this be part of my claim?
  • Did the insurance company calculate my average monthly wage correctly?
  • How do I appeal an adverse determination from the insurance company?
  • Am I entitled to a settlement, and if so, is the one being offered fair?
  • If I have work limitations, how am I going to find a job in the future?
Once you’ve gone through the initial necessary steps, contact our office. Our team will help you take the final steps needed to get the medical treatment and financial compensation you are entitled to receive. Let’s get started. Call our office today.