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I Want An Expert!

Injured at work? 

Then you want an attorney who is a Certified Worker's Compensation

Expert and Specialist.

Joel A Santos
  • Over 25 years of experience.    

  • Certified by the                   State Bar of Nevada as an Expert/Specialist in                  worker's compensation.                             

  • Free initial consultation.             

  • Devoted to Injured Workers across Nevada.




Three reasons why you need an attorney who is a

Nevada Worker's Compensation Specialist/Expert?

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1.  Certification

The State Bar of Nevada has set high requirements for an attorney to become a worker's compensation Expert/Specialist?

Lawyer playing with Black Chess Pieces

2.  Knowledge is Strength

A lawyer who is certified as an  Expert/Specialist knows the law and the system.  If the insurance company has a lawyer, you should have not only  a lawyer, but one that is a specialist.

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3.  Results Matter

Have an Expert/Specialist who knows the Nevada worker's compensation system in your corner fighting for you!

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In spending a considerable amount of time in seeking to become a Nevada Certified Worker's Compensation Expert and Specialist,

our attorney's goal is to obtain the best results possible for our clients and to seek to increase the protection and rights of all injured workers throughout the state of Nevada.



We are very proud to announce that

Attorney Joel A. Santos, Esq., is certified by

the State Bar of Nevada through

the Nevada Justice Association as a

worker's compensation expert/specialist!  

Attorney Santos has represented injured workers in Nevada for their industrial injuries for over 25 years.  His hard work and dedication is shown by the satisfaction of his clients and his reputation in the legal community. The courtroom is a place where he feels at home and definitely looks comfortable and confident in arguing his client's position.  As a specialist, he keeps up with the current law and litigation practices. 

He has litigated worker's compensation cases at all levels of litigation, including the Hearings Office, Appeals Office, District Court and the Supreme Court. 

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One East First Street,

Suite 1000

Reno, Nevada  89501

Telephone - (775) 323-1084



Monday - Friday

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Thank you for contacting us.

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