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          Attorney Joel A. Santos is very appreciative that many attorneys continue to refer potential worker’s compensation clients to him for legal representation in their Nevada industrial injuries. Many of his new clients are from attorney referrals or from current or former clients who have referred people to his office.

          Worker’s compensation cases have numerous time sensitive deadlines and pitfalls. Some attorneys that have tried to handle a worker’s compensation case while also representing the client in their personal injury matter or some other legal issue, have fallen into quicksand. Some confusion comes from someone who does not regularly practice worker’s compensation, misinterpreting the law, or being unaware of a certain law or Supreme Court case.


           In one instance, a different lawyer almost settled a third party case with a worker’s compensation insurer which would have resulted in huge mistake on the part of the other lawyer (over $100,000.00 mistake).  The other lawyer had his client meet with Mr. Santos who advised them that the worker's compensation insurer did not have a valid lien and that they should not pay the insurer any money out of the client's settlement.  Attorney Santos was able to save the client and other attorney from making a very costly mistake.

          If an attorney makes a worker’s compensation referral to Mr. Santos a fee-splitting arrangement can be discussed.  (See NRPC 1.5(e)).  There is no additional cost to the client. Also, if the attorney is representing the potential client in another matter (i.e. personal injury claim arising out of the worker’s compensation claim), the referring attorney will continue to represent the client in that matter while Mr. Santos handles the worker’s compensation claim only.

          Please call or email his office with your referral’s worker’s compensation problem along with your contact information. Thank you for considering Mr. Santos for your worker’s compensation referrals.

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